Concrete is a strong, durable material that is widely used in construction. It is composed of four main ingredients:

  • Stone is utilised as a coarse concrete aggregate that provides bulk and strength
  • Sand is utilised as a fine aggregate that fills the spaces between the coarse material
  • Cement is utilised as a glue that binds the sand and stone together
  • Water is utilised to activate the glue action of the cement.

Whether you require a concrete driveway resurfacing, concrete floor or concrete patio you need to work out how much ready mixed concrete you will need. Ready mix concrete is measured as a volume, calculated by multiplying width x length x depth. This generates your requirement as a cubic metre (m3) measurement. Use our volume calculator to work out what you need.

To do Checklist:

  • Measure the area to be filled
  • Use our concrete calculator to calculate the volume
  • Contact us and place an order
Concrete pump puring concrete

Before ordering your concrete we recommend you do the following:

  • Calculate how much concrete you will need using our concrete volume calculator.
  • Work out if the volumetric mixer can get to where you need it by checking the truck dimensions and access requirements.
  • Find out if the volumetric truck can get the concrete to where you need it. If not then you may have to utilise a concrete pump, or you will need to utilise a wheelbarrow.
  • Make sure you can provide safe, appropriate access for the truck on the day of delivery, as agreed with us in advance. We will not be held responsible for damage caused to driveways, walls etc.

A single cubic metre of concrete weighs about 2.4 tonnes, the equivalent of about 20 wheelbarrow loads. If you plan to utilise wheelbarrows to move the concrete once it arrives you need to ensure the following.

  • You have enough people and wheelbarrows to move the concrete to where you need it.
  • You have taken into account the concrete setting time – you will have a short amount of time to place, level and compact your concrete mix.
  • Setting time depends on ground/weather conditions and concrete strength.
  • Waiting time will be charged after 45 minutes.

Why not consider using a power barrow?

Power barrows move considerably more concrete. To hire a power barrow we recommend you contact RG Millward Plant Hire.

The dimensions of the volumetric truck are as follows.

  • Overall width, including mirrors: 3.1m
  • Length: 11m

The truck needs reasonable access to the site, accommodating these dimensions and with reasonable driving conditions.

A concrete pump will be needed if the truck cannot pull up to where you need it and where using a wheelbarrow is not possible due to the volume ordered or the distance for you to barrow.

We will discuss the access to your site when you place your order and confirm if a concrete pump will be required. We will book the concrete pump for arrival at the time of the concrete delivery.

Should you require a pump, another space will be will be required; giving a total approximate length of 22m for the truck and the pump. The pump and truck are usually parked on the public highway so please be mindful of obstructing your neighbours. Neighbours may need prior notice before delivery.

The concrete truck needs access to the site, accommodating these dimensions and with reasonable driving conditions, stable enough to take a heavy lorry. We will ask you to confirm the access to your site when you place your order. A site visit from one of our team may be required in some instances.

Note that we will not accept responsibility for any damage to driveways, walls or pathways, for example; you may be asked to sign an indemnity form when the delivery arrives. You are also responsible for ensuring that the site is open for the delivery at the agreed time.

You can place a order for concrete in two ways, either call us on 01629 823949 or complete our quote form. One of our team will provide you with a quote, or will contact you if they need further information. We usually require a minimum of 24 hours notice before delivery.

If you do not have a credit account with Derbyshire Concrete then you will be required to pay on delivery by card at the end of the discharge.

With the volumetric mixer concrete supply you only pay for what you lay – the concrete is mixed in the truck as it is needed and this is only what you will be charged for.

Derbyshire Concrete is one of the leading concrete delivery companies. With the volumetric mixer you have in built flexibility with order quantity. You only pay for what you lay – the concrete is mixed in the truck as it is needed, following the concrete discharge the operator will issue you with a ticket showing the exact quantity.

Our minimum delivery is for 0.5m3.

The volumetric mixer can deliver up to 8m3 of concrete per delivery.

The chemical reaction that creates concrete starts as soon as the cement and water are mixed together. This happens in the volumetric mixer truck on site and you have a short amount of time to compact and level your concrete once it leaves the truck. Hot weather reduces the set time; cold weather extends it.

The concrete mix that you need will depend on what you will be using it for. Where you have used the services of an architect or structural engineer they will supply the concrete specification. For most DIY projects like shed or conservatory bases and concrete driveways you require a C25/30 mix (Click here to see our mix range). If you don’t know what type of mix you need then our team will be happy to advise you.

The beauty of the volumetric mixer is that you can switch concrete mix types part way through the delivery.

We expect that you are ready for the concrete delivery as soon as the volumetric mixer arrives on site. If it takes longer than 45 minutes to start dispatching your order then a waiting charge may be incurred.

You must be conscious of safety if you are handling the ready mixed concrete in any way. We recommend you wear the following:

  • Long sleeved top
  • Full length trousers
  • Boots/wellingtons that are high enough to prevent concrete flowing over the top
  • Alkali resistant gloves
  • Safety glasses/face protection

Concrete is a cement based product and, as a result, can cause serious skin problems including dermatitis and burns.

It is your responsibility to consider the weather conditions when placing your order. We need as much notice as possible for cancellations and late cancellation may incur a charge.

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